Anthony's Story

Do you remember what Friday nights felt like when you were in high school?

Anything was possible. Your friends were full of crazy ideas. The air was thick with anticipation. The Pasture was our gathering spot. It was our turf. We were independent out there, free to explore, tease each other, try new things, and hatch big plans.

Anthem pays homage to the exuberant freedom of being young and the eclectic group of friends I had in those days here in Austin. We all came from different backgrounds — growing up on dumplings vs casseroles, okra vs brussel sprouts, or hoisin vs aioli — but we always found common ground.

At Anthem everyone is welcome to the party. Let’s rally around some drinks, fill our bellies, and revel in the unexpected combinations that make us special.

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Remember that nostalgic feeling of being invincible and that anything is possible? That’s Anthem.

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